05.15 | Fox orders two more seasons of '24'

Fox has ordered two more seasons of "24," keeping the Emmy-winning drama on the net through the 2008-2009 TV season.

The announcement comes on the eve of Fox's Thursday upfront presentation. Show remains a powerful player for Fox, despite ratings dips and critical knocks this season.

Exec producers for "24" have already told several publications that they plan to make some changes on the show next season - but the twist will remain the same: Each episode covering one hour of real time as special agent Jack Bauer races against the clock to stop something bad from happening. If you have problems with debts, our nonprofit debt consolidation for you.

And if it's going to be anything like season six, please put it out of its misery.

05.03 | 24' boss admits series has sucked this season

In separate interviews published this week, the producers said the current, sixth season of the Fox suspense series has been "challenging" and "tricky."

One of them - co-executive producer David Fury - admitted the season was poorly planned, forcing producers to end its principal storyline earlier than they had hoped.

Nice to see the New York Post putting things plainly with its headline.

Executive producer Howard Gordon promises to "reinvigorate" the series next year.

"I don't dispute it's been a challenging season to write for us," he told the Los Angeles Times this week. "But it's reinvigorated our determination to reinvent the show. This year could be seen to be the last iteration of it in its current state."

Please don't have Jack rejoining CTU within three episodes, like every past season when the show's powers that be have promised to shake things up.

04.30 | Is '24' running out of time?

Jack Bauer, America's favorite counter-terrorism agent with the violent code of honor and the weird sadomasochistic bent, is squaring off against a stealthy and unforgiving new enemy.

His fans.

Is '24' running out of time? Possibly. Maybe Jack is going to settle down:

The question is: Will Kim Raver stick around to play Audrey? Jack's Kiefer Sutherland has said plenty of times he likes working with Raver and wants Jack to settle down with her eventually, if Jack doesn't die someday.

Can't see it happening, frankly.

04.30 | Fox spinning off '24' into kids cartoon

Starting this fall, viewers can see what Jack Bauer was like as a child as Fox will spin off '24' into a Saturday morning cartoon. “We’ll see a little Jack Bauer as a member of the Cub Scouts, torturing Arab kids at camp who look suspicious,” says '24' creator Joel Surnow.

Just like the primetime series, the cartoon, '24: Little Jack,' will depict a 24-hour period in the life of young Jack Bauer.

If only this were true...

03.03 | Jack and Curtis' Secret Affair

Who needs slash fiction when we now have Youtube remix parody videos?

Here's the story of the secret gay affair between Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning. It's ace.

Who needs Audrey to come back? Jack's already lost his true love...

02.19 | Idiot changes his name by deed poll to 'Jack Bauer'

Tim Annan from Watford in the UK changed his name to Jack Bauer.

Fan Tim, 35, insists his friends and workmates at a top London bank call him Bauer as a tribute to his hero played by Kiefer Sutherland in the Sky One drama.

Former cop Tim, who is single and lives in Watford, Herts, changed his name by deed poll last month.

He said: "It beats being plain Tim from Watford."

I think the most telling piece of information in that article is that he's single. No, really.

02.15 | '24' is to cut down on torture scenes

'24' will include fewer torture scenes in its final episodes this season, according to the show's executive producer.

Howard Gordon claimed that the change was not due to pressure from the military buy web links , but rather because it had become cliché:

"What was once an extraordinary or exceptional moment is starting to feel a little trite. The idea of physical coercion or torture is no longer a novelty or surprise"

The Street Corner Society blog points out the LA Times report that '24' is responsible for 67 of the 624 depictions of torture on TV during the past five years.

02.11 | '24' Hour Pizza Delivery

Ever wonder what it would be like if Jack Bauer were a pizza delivery driver instead of an agent for CTU?

Here's a Youtube video that shows you what would happen.

02.07 | Jack Bauer and Aqua Teen Hunger Force team up against terrorists in Boston

When Aqua Teen Hunger Force held Boston under siege with explosive devices, only one man could stop them.

This Youtube video is hilarious. Thanks, National Lampoon.

link building 01.25 | Jack Bauer vs Youtube - Fox sends out a subpoena

24 Fox subpoena

It wasn't me, honest:

20th Century Fox served YouTube with a subpoena Wednesday demanding the Google-owned viral video site disclose the identity of a user who uploaded copies of entire recent episodes of primetime series "24" and "The Simpsons."

The subpoena, which first came to light on the blog Google Watch, was granted by a judge in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California after being filed by the News Corp.-owned studio on January 18. It is not yet known whether YouTube has complied with the request.

The subpoena reads, in part:

On or about January 8, 2007, Fox became aware that a subscriber ("the Subscriber") of YouTube Inc.s' Internet-based service uploaded pirated copies of the works onto YouTube, making it available for illegal viewing over the Internet to anyone who wishes to watch it. Fox has not authorized this distribution or display of the works. The subpoena request YouTube, Inc. to disclose information sufficient to identify the Subscriber so that Fox can stop this infringing activity.

Here's the post on the Google Watch blog mentioned in the Reuters story.

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